Why Nara Lokesh Visited A Diagnostic Centre?

Thu May 18 2023 18:24:02 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Telugu Desam Party general secretary Nara Lokesh is busy with his ongoing padayatra Yuvagalam. The ongoing yatra recently completed the big milestone of 100 days. One after the other, Nara Lokesh is covering the districts. Keeping the internal issues row in Nandyal, the padayatra is getting a good response.

However, Nara Lokesh suddenly visited a hospital and underwent some tests reportedly. This caught everyone’s attention and the TDP cadres are worried about why Nara Lokesh visited a hospital and what made him undergo tests. Pictures of him inside a hospital went viral.

As per the media reports, Nara Lokesh has been suffering from a shoulder injury and his doctors are said to have advised him to undergo some tests. Following this, he visited a diagnostic centre and the pictures went viral.

However, there is no clarity on the results of the test and what the results said. We would get more clarity when the scanning results are out. The TDP cadres are hoping that nothing would happen to Nara Lokesh and everything will be ok.

Talking about the injury of Nara Lokesh, he reportedly sustained the injury when TDP cadres and leaders gathered in big numbers when the Yuvagalam yatra entered the Kadiri region. The pain kept on increasing with days passing and he finally visited a centre.