Why No One Likes Revanth Reddy?

Wed Oct 23 2019 09:16:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Chalo Pragathi Bhavan is a success in that it has galvanised the Congress Party, gave it media coverage and the unprecedented security near Pragathi Bhavan led to unprecedented traffic snarls. Congress should normally be happy. But, it is not.

It is clear that Revanth Reddy has stolen the show. He has got wide publicity on the social media and in the media. Despite the fact that KCR gagged the media from publishing Revanth Reddy's pics and from giving prominent coverage to the Congress siege, Revanth emerged as a rebel who managed to reach Pragathi Bhavan despite the police dragnet. A strong section of the Congress does not like Revanth Reddy getting prominence in the party.

Many Congress seniors are upset that the programme has highlighted only Revanth Reddy. They are also upset that Revanth gave the call for Chalo Pragathi Bhavan without consulting any senior leader. "Individuals are becoming stronger in the party. This is not good for the party," is the argument of the party seniors.  Some seniors felt that they were not given any information about the programme and that they came to know about the Chalo Pragathi Bhavan only through the newspapers. Senior leaders like Bhatti Vikramarka, Madhu Yashki, Kodanda Reddy and VH felt that the party should have actually worked along with the RTC employees Joint Action Committee and Revanth should not have gone ahead with the siege.  But, within the party cadre, Revanth has clearly emerged as a hero after the program.