Why No One Wants This Key Post?

Tue Oct 27 2020 09:46:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

A strange sentiment is sweeping through the political class in North Andhra. No one seems interested to take up the chairperson's position of the Vizag Metropolitan Regional Development Authority. The sentiment is that the political graph of those who take up this position will go down.

Though this superstition is quite an old one, it has reared its head once again after the recent death of Dronamraju Srinivasa Rao.  Dronamraju was the first chief of VMRDA, whose earlier avatar was VUDA. He died of ill health. There is a belief that this VUDA or VMRDA chief's post is a bad omen and those who took up this post ended as political nobodies.

Take the case of Dronamraju Satyanaraana, DV Subba Rao, MVVS Murthy Mariyadas, Gangireddy, SA Rahaman. Dronamraju lost his sheen after he took up this post. Rahman and Gangireddy too  lost their political clout after taking over as VMRDA chief. Though DV Subba Rao and MVVS Murthy had a flourishing political career after becoming VUDA chief, their respective parties began losing elections and they became powerless.

With Dronamraju Srinivas's sad demise, no political leader is now trying to take up this post. Not many are lobbying for this post. Some leaders reportedly refused the offer to become VMRDA chief fearing that their political career would hit a road block.