Why Prashant Kishor Met This Former CM?

Thu Feb 27 2020 09:33:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Karnataka former chief minister and Janata Dal Secular boss HD Kumara Swamy had a key meeting with the most sought after person in politics on Tuesday. The reason? To turnaround the fortunes of his party, which has lost the plot and has been losing its hold over the people. He met this man, who is known to turnaround the fortunes of political parties and is fresh from the stupendous victory of the AAP in Delhi. He turned AAP from a certain failure to a sure victory.

And who is this man? You guessed it right!! It's poll wizard Prashant Kishor. On Tuesday, the duo had their first meeting and  Prashant Kishor, sources say, is excited to work with the JDS. Kumara Swamy too has publicly announced that his party would utilise the services of Prashant Kishor's IPAC team. The first round of talks were completed and now the IPAC will formulate the future strategy of the party. The party is looking to improve its tally in the 2023 elections to the Karnataka assembly.

In 2018 assembly elections, the party had won just 37 seats and stood third behind the BJP and the Congress Party. However, it managed to form the government with the support from the Congress. The Government could not last beyond 14 months due to defections and the problems posed by the Congress.