Why Raja Singh Is Angry With Bandi Sanjay?

Mon Aug 03 2020 09:26:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

One expected that the newly constituted BJP team of Bandi Sanjay would spike up enthusiasm among the party cadre in Telangana. But, it has achieved the exact opposite. It has raked up questions about the team's efforts. Party's lone MLA Raja Singh is deeply unhappy with the team.

In a statement, he said that not one of the candidates he recommended have been accommodated in the state team and this was nothing but insulting him. In a hard-hitting statement, he reminded that he is the only MLA representing the party and his words should have some weight in the organisation. He said though he had recommended some names, new president had not given any posts to them.

However, Sanjay's team has some young faces like K Madhavi and Koppu Basha. Basha is SC cell president, while Madhavi was made secretary of the party. Firebrand leader Raghunandan Rao too has been made a secretary. However, several old names were retained in the team.