Why T Government is banning loose sale of petrol?

Tue Nov 12 2019 10:44:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

What is Telangana Government's biggest worry these days? Not the RTC strike, not even the anger and simmering discontent among the government employees. The TRS government is most worried by the farmers and small land holders who are trying to immolate themselves over the irregularities committed by the tehsildars and other revenue officials. The number of incidents where the small farmers and rural people bringing petrol to the tehsildar offices to immolate themselves is growing and this is a big source of worry for them. Every such incident is making the revenue officials very jittery especially after tehsildar Vijaya Reddy's gruesome death.

So, the Telangana government has issued directives to all the petrol bunks in the state not to sell petrol to those who come with empty bottles. It also forbade loose sale of petrol to individuals who come without a vehicle. The civil services department has been asked to monitor the sales in the petrol bunks. This was done to ensure that no disgruntled farmer buys petrol to immolate himself in the revenue offices or at the praja vani programme being organised by the revenue officials. At least four incidents of attempted immolations have been reported on Monday itself.

In Bodhan, a woman farmer identified as Abbavva tried to burn herself accusing the revenue officials of not doing justice to her. She said her 1.05 acre land has been alienated in the name of other person and despite several requests, the revenue officials have done nothing to rectify the error. In Dubbak village of Dharpalli mandal, Gangadhar, a farmer, climbed up a tree and threatened to jump if the land, which rightfully belongs to him, is not handed over to him. In Gummadavelli village of Janagam district and Panyala Chandraiah in Sircilla Rajanna district too attempted to immolate self. All these people came to the tehsildar offices with cans of petrol and doused themselves. Alert officials prevented them from lighting the matchstick. To ensure that such incidents do not recur, the officials have imposed restrictions on the sale of petrol to people who come with empty bottles.