Why TRS Is Making Jagga Reddy wait?

Sun Mar 17 2019 14:24:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

The sole Congress MLA from undivided Medak district Turpu Jayaprakash Reddy aka Jagga Reddy is in a classic catch 22 situation. He is no longer interested in the Congress, but the TRS seem to be not interested in him. He  wants to leave the Congress but the TRS seems to be not too willing to admit him.

Jagga Reddy made all the right noises, criticised the Congress leadership and even slammed T Harish Rao, who is out of favour with the TRS top brass. He hoped that the TRS would accept him into the party. But , the TRS leadership appears unmoved. It is clear that it has not forgotten Jagga Reddy's past comments. In fact, he was the strongest critic of the TRS in Medak and was without doubt the most troublesome thorn in their flesh. So, it wants to admit him into the party but not without making him wait for a long time It wants to tease and taunt him before admitting him in.

As of now, Jagga Reddy has gone underground and is not even answering calls from the Congress leaders. At the same time, his channels with the TDP are all open and is waiting for their call.