Why TV Channels Are Not Discussing Telangana?

Fri Jul 05 2019 12:17:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Wonder why the television channels in the state are not debating the governance and issues in Telangana? Are you surprised that the TV channels are only talking about issues pertaining to Andhra Pradesh and not of Telangana?

Those in the know say that this is not because of any partisan attitude on the part of Telugu channels, most of which are owned by the entrepreneurs from Andhra Pradesh. They say that this is because Telangana CM KCR's latest decision. He has decided that no spokesperson from the party would take part in the TV debates. Due to these strict instructions, even the very popular panellists from the TRS are shying away from speaking into the mike. Some spokespersons, have

Sources say that this is part of the well thought out strategy of KCR. With no political party worth the salt active in Telangana, he literally has a cakewalk. The only place where there is some voice is the TV medium. Though not in the news bulletins, the channels are trying to air content anti-thetical to the TRS during the TV debates. To prevent this, KCR has directed that none of his spokesperson would go to the TV channels. In the absence of the TRS spokespersons, there would be no discussion on the TRS and Telangana. That is why there are no anti-TRS debate on the TVs.