Why Telangana Leaders draw Comparison With Andhra Pradesh Always?

Thu Sep 29 2022 17:41:09 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Eight years after the state bifurcation, there is no comparison between Telangana and divided Andhra Pradesh. While Telangana is traveling on the path of development, Andhra Pradesh is not in a good shape. Forget about development, the government there is not able to pay salaries on time.

At regular intervals, we see Telangana leaders saying how the state is progressing compared to the other Telugu state. Earlier, KTR indirectly said how people in Andhra Pradesh are suffering from poor road conditions and power cuts. This led to a big issue.

Now Telangana Finance Minister Harish Rao stunned everyone by alleging that the Andhra Pradesh government is causing trouble to teachers in the state by filing cases against them. Addressing a crowd, Harish Rao made these comments as per the reports.

Drawing a comparison between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Harish Rao highlighted how the government is doing good for the teachers in the state. The Minister said that in the past five years a fitment of 73 percent was given to the teachers in the state.

No one understands what is making the Telangana leaders pass such comments on fellow Telugu state Andhra Pradesh. Earlier, Harish Rao indirectly took a dig at Andhra Pradesh after companies there started looking at Telangana and coming here. He said companies are happy in Telangana.

With Hyderabad going to Telangana, the state is in a position where it has nothing to worry about. The IT corridor is still doing wonders for the state in income and at regular intervals, big MNCs and global companies are coming to the IT Corridor to set up their offices.

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