Why Was Pragathi Bhavan silent during IT raids in Malla Reddy's house?

Wed Nov 23 2022 12:01:30 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The TRS cadre is baffled by the strange silence of the Pragathi Bhavan even while raids were in full swing in the houses and offices of all those who are close to Minister Chamakura Malla Reddy on Tuesday. There was no response and reaction from the Pragathi Bhavan on the whole episode. The CM and his close coterie reportedly keenly followed the chain of events during the raids.

The massive and well-coordinated raids have rattled Malla Reddy and his near and dear. The raids were simultaneously held on the offices and residences of hot just the minister, but his relatives, directors, investors and key employees. If sources are to be believed, the Central Government had been studying the activities of Malla Reddy and his group of educational institutes and industries for the last three months.

The raids were sudden and the minister was shocked as there was no inkling of it anywhere. The IT sleuths did not use the state government machinery or the police during the raids. As a result, the minister was caught napping. His attempts to hide personal phone and some files too failed. But, the most interesting part is that the Pragathi Bhavan did not react to the raids.

Sources say even the party high command is vexed with the behaviour of the Minister and was upset with his penchant for courting controversies. Hence the Pragathi Bhavan remained quite silent and watched the episode as it unfolded, say sources. This showed that Malla Reddy is quite isolated within the party.