Why Were Huge Amounts Spent For Showering Flowers?

Mon May 04 2020 09:25:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

While everyone liked the way the Army, the Air Force and the Navy feted doctors, para medics and others, who are the frontline warriors in the fight against Covid, there are some serious questions about the amount spent on the whole affair. A whopping Rs 50 crore has been spent to shower flowers on the medical personnel on Sunday.

It made for good optics and great publicity. The media covered the visuals extensively. But, what is the need to spend such huge amount? Hundreds of choppers flying entailed at least Rs 2 lakh per trip. Not just that, the whole ships were illuminated and massive fireworks were organised.  What more?  Military transport vehicles, whose operations are thrice as costly, were pressed into service. The flypast at Rajpath too is said to have costed up to Rs 50 lakh. Modi detractors are asking as to where is the need for such extravagant acts in times of Corona.  More importantly, to ensure that the whole exercise runs smoothly, the Air Force and the Army had to conduct several dry runs, each costing huge amounts.

Incidentally, on the very same day, there was this tragic incident in Kashmir's Handwara, where several military personnel were killed while fighting off terrorists. Several whatsapp messages asked as to why was there no similar flypast and showering of petals on the martyred soldiers.