Why are Congress biggies not campaigning for Jana Reddy?

Sat Apr 03 2021 09:02:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is the fear of Jana Reddy being made the PCC chief keeping away senior Congress leaders from campaigning in the Nagarjunasagar byelections? Despite a fair chance of winning, why is Jana Reddy waging a lone battle in Sagar?

When Jana Reddy was made the candidate of the Congress Party, he was assured of support by all the sections of the party. So, one expected a high voltage campaign with all the key leaders of the party spanning out into the rural interiors. But, today there is no big leader worth the name in the Congress Party who is campaigning in Nagarjunasagar. Sources say the real reason for most leaders staying away from the campaign is the feeler that Jana Reddy would be made the PCC chief if he wins from Nagarjunasagar. So, a large section of the leadership, which does not want Jana Reddy to grow stronger, has kept away from the campaign.

As a result, Jana Reddy is forced to campaign all alone. Jana, however, is a veteran of many a battle and knows the constituency like the palm of his hand. Yet, the absence of key leaders in the campaign is sure to rattle him. The TRS has put up Nomula Narsimhaiah's son Nomula Bhagat as its candidate.