Why Are Kalahasti TDP Cadres Slipping Out Of Hands?

Mon Aug 10 2020 11:54:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Till last year, Srikalahasti was a TDP citadel. For six times, the party had won on trot and Bojjala Gopala Krishna Reddy was MLA for 5 times. He was minister twice. Reddy maintained cordial relations with both the party rank and file and among the people at large. He was hugely popular and was easily accessible to the party workers.

But, things have changed now. Reddy had taken retirement and pushed for the candidature of his son Sudheer Reddy. Chandrababu did give ticket to Sudheer Reddy, but the latter was vanquished in the YSRCP tsunami. YSRCP's Biyyapu Madhusudhana Reddy had won a landslide. Since this defeat, Sudheer Reddy had gone into a hibernation. He has not been visiting the constituency and is not accessible even to the party workers even over phone. Even when the party workers and supporters are in trouble, he is not available to them. As a result, a large number of party workers have become demoralized.

The latest buzz is that several hardcore TDP men are now planning to join the YSRCP. Only some diehard workers are still with the party. But, even they are lying low as the party leadership is not coming to their succor.