Why are TRS MLAs afraid of getting phone calls?

Thu May 25 2023 10:42:36 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The TRS MLAs and party ticket aspirants are literally going into convulsions the moment their mobile phone rings. No... it's not the fear of an earful from either KCR or KTR. The real problem is that the calls are usually from the party rank and file in their respective constituencies demanding money.  The workers are asking the leaders to contribute to poojas and jataras or contribute monetarily in cases of weddings or bereavements.

With the elections round the corner, there is an ever-growing demand from the cadre that the MLAs donate for various functions. Be it a temple festival or a facility inauguration, the MLAs made to contribute handsomely. Many a time, they are informed about the amount given by the political rivals and are made to donate more than the amount given by the rivals.

A wedding or death means an MLA will have to shell out at least 10000. Otherwise, the MLA is branded as insensitive and stingy. This could affect their prospects in the elections. The biggest problem for the TRS MLAs is that the festive season is going to be in full flow. The season begins with the Rakhi festival and ends with Dasara. The Dasara will be celebrated after the issuance of election notification.

This only means that the MLAs may have to donate huge amounts. All this is draining out their hard-earned money and hence the MLAs are wary of any phone call.

TRS insiders say that each MLA is easily spending up to Rs 1 lakh every day for donations and contributions. Thus, they would be spending at least Rs 3 crores every month till October. Besides, they will have to spend huge amounts for the election campaign. The asking rate of the vote has been steadily going up and all this is exerting unbearable pressure on the MLAs, say sources.