Why are Telangana IAS officers angry?

Wed Jan 13 2021 09:50:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

here is a growing discontent and a seething rage among the IAS officials belonging to the Telangana state. Though they are natives of this land, they are not being given key responsibilities. Many are giving insignificant posts where they have been languishing for years.

Already several IAS officials like  Akunuri Murali, Shyam Nayak, Bharati Lakhpat Naik and Preeti Meena have raised this issue but to no avail. Akunuri Murali has taken VRS from the IAS and is now working as an advisor to the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Several seniors like Burra Venkatesham and Chiranjeevulu have been either given insignificant post or have not been given posting.

There is a growing feeling that the seniors are being overlooked and in some cases are made to work under juniors. They argue that this practice has started during the period of Rajiv Sharma, who was the CS and is now continuing even during the period of present CS Somesh Kumar. These disgruntled IAS officials are unable to take their case to Chief Minister KCR.