Why are political heirs flocking to Bandi Sanjay's yatra?

Sun Sep 12 2021 19:04:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

What's the special feature of Bandi Sanjay's Praja Sangrama Yatra? The senior leaders in the BJP are almost absent. They are not part of the yatra. Though Kishan Reddy was present at the inaugural, no other leader of stature has joined the yatra. Only VIPs from national level are occasionally joining Bandi Sanjay.

But, quite interestingly, the political heirs of senior leaders are all over the place. They are actively involved in mobilising the crowds and organising the meetings as part of the yatra.  In fact, the yatra has proved to be an opportunity for them to showcase their organisational skills.  They want to ensure their position in the party hierarchy.

TDP stalwart Devender Goud's son Veerender Goud is the co-incharge of the yatra. Similarly, Bandaru Dattatreya's daughter Vijayalakshmi is also part of the yatra. Similarly, former Congress leader Mukesh Goud's son Vikram Goud is busy with the mobilation of the crowds for the yatra. Former MP AP Jitender Reddy's son Mithun Reddy, former MLA Bikshapathi Yadav's son, former MLA Nandeeshwar Goud's son Ashish are working full time for the yatra.

All these are ticket aspirants for the 2023 assembly. Similarly, their leadership and organisational skills are put to test. This will also give Bandi Sanjay an opportunity to evaluate them and place them suitably.