Why Are We Unable To Come Up With A Vaccine For COVID-19?

Sat May 16 2020 11:24:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

The novel coronavirus originated from the Wuhan Province of China left a deadly impact on everything around us and following this, many researchers across the nation are leaving no stone unturned to find a vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lack of vaccine makes the pandemic even more dreaded and adding more problems to that, the World Health Organization (WHO) reciprocated the same opinion and said that all the processes of vaccine are in clinical trials and on top of that none of the trials were approved till now.

Many clinical trials are underway and the WHO is looking it the trails in a way that the clinical trials should work in a way without causing any side-effects and preventing the spread of the virus at the same time.

At present, the WHO launched a trial with an aim to look at the clinical trials if they can work effectively on the COVID-19 pandemic without causing any side-effects at the clinical trials.