Why did DS make controversial comments?

Sun Jul 18 2021 08:42:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

DS  the very mention of this name brings to mind a wily, scheming and a strategist politician. DS has never spoken much, never toured much. He remained confined to one place and ran his politics across the state. His recent comments that he does not know which party he is in have created quite a controversy.

His aim was to poke at KCR, who is continuously ignoring him. The TRS has not been inviting him to the party meetings these days. Though he continues to be a TRS Rajya Sabha MP, he is rarely consulted on any issue. On his part, DS is ensuring that he does not cross the party whip on any issue lest he attract the provisions of the Anti-Defection Law. But, at the same time, he is not part of any party programme. By these statements, he wants to poke the TRS leadership.

His term is coming to an end in June 2022. He wants to ensure that he gets another term. Today, there is no way the TRS can give him another term. The Congress does not have the numbers in its kitty. The BJP can give him a Rajya Sabha seat only from some other state. So, he is actually planning for post-June 2022 scenario. So, he has two channels open. With one son in the Congress and another son in the BjP, he can use these channels to join any party he likes depending on which party is doing well in the state.

Inside sources say that he had already met Amit Shah a long time ago with an intention to join the BJP. Then BJP national chief, Amit Shah reportedly advised him to guide his son even while being in the TRS as a Rajya Sabha MP. Sources said that this relationship could become open. Sources say he also has been talking to several Congress leaders these days.