Why did KCR have lunch in Kadiyam's home?

Mon Jun 21 2021 15:34:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

No one knows how to set the agenda like KCR. He knows how to stay on the headlines and how to push unwanted headlines to the background. He is also the past master in the art of making the right noise and the right news. If anyone doubts this, one only has to look at the way he managed to hit many birds with one stroke.

KCR, who went to Warangal on Monday, had his lunch in Kadiyam Srihari's house. For the uninitiated this looks quite normal. But, consider this. Whenever KCR went to Warangal, he stayed in Captain Lakshmikantha Rao's house and had his lunch there But, this time around, he chose Kadiyam Srihari.

Kadiyam Srihari was deputy chief minister in KCR 1.0 government. But in KCR 2.0, he is a mere MLC. He was not made a minister and he was not given any guarantee of being re-nominated to the legislative council. As a result, Kadiyam was fretting and fuming. He was even considering moving to the BJP. There was a talk that he was in touch with Eatala Rajendera and that he could rebel against KCR anytime soon.

Realising this, KCR decided to go to his residence and have his lunch there. During the discussion, the issue of renomination to the council and giving ticket to Kadiyam's daughter Kavya too must have surely figured. By this action, he has precluded the possibility of Kadiyam revolting against him. At the same time , he sent clear signal to Eatala camp that Kadiyam will remain in the TRS. KCR's clever strategy has hit two birds with one shot.