Why did KCR skip Niti Ayog meeting?

Mon Feb 22 2021 09:47:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why did Telangana CM KCR skip the Niti Ayog meeting? This is the hottest topic of discussion in the political circles. In fact, KCR had attended all the five earlier meetings of the Niti Ayog. Ths is the first time that he had skipped the all important meeting.

Sources say that KCR has chosen to give a miss to the meeting despite the fact that this key meeting will set the tone for the economic development priorities. While some say that KCR wanted to register his protest over meager allocations to the state of Telangana. However, reliable sources tell us that KCR wanted to avoid the meeting as there would be a discussion on 'the spirit of cooperative federalism.'  The TRS had in the past criticized the Centre as being arbitrary and being insensitive to the needs and aspirations of the State governments.  If KCR, who now reportedly wants better and friendly relations with the BJP at the Centre, reiterates the same stand, it would be seen as attacking the Centre. If he goes soft on the issue, he would be seen as betraying the interests of the State.

So, in order to avoid the ticklish situation, KCR has avoided the Niti Ayog meeting. He had sent his chief secretary Somesh Kumar to the meeting. The Chief Secretary would not speak politics and his speech would focus mainly on the administrative issues. So, KCR felt that sending Somesh Kumar would actually help him in escaping from a tricky situation.