Why Did Pawan Go To Delhi?

Thu Nov 26 2020 11:43:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Poor Jana Sena...! it is fast finding itself neither here nor there. The party, started with much fanfare, is now reduced to a mere appendage of the BJP and the BJP is using it for its own advancement. After asked to stand down in the GHMC elections and support the BJP, the Jana Sena is now well on its way to lose Tirupati too.

While the Jana Sena wants to put up its candidate from Tirupati and wants the BjP to support it, the BjP is indicating that it would have its candidate. This means, the Jana Sena will have to support the BjP again. Thus, the Jana Sena would lose both GHMC and Tirupati. The worst part is that Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan and his political advisor-cum-political committee head Nadendla Manohar went to Delhi to talk to BJP national president JP Nadda about Tirupati.

Nadda made them to wait for full two days before giving an appointment. The duo went to Delhi on November 23 and could get to meet Nadda only on November 25 night. To add to the insult, Pawan had to say at the end of the meeting that he was there in New Delhi not to talk about Tirupati bypolls. If not for Tirupati, why did Pawan go to Delhi?