Why did Perni Nani make a statement on MAA elections?

Tue Oct 05 2021 20:09:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

The YSRCP has time and again said that it has no interest in the MAA elections, which have raised the heat in the film industry. But, besides pressers, Minister Perni Nani has addressed a press conference the other day to claim that neither the AP Government, nor YSRCP nor YS Jagan have any interest in the MAA elections. He also said that there is no question of backing anyone in the MAA elections.

The political observers are asking as to where was the need for Perni Nani to make this statement. They feel that the presence of Manchu Vishnu, a close relative of YS Jagan, may have prompted them to make this statement. Of the two panels in the MAA elections, the one led by Prakash Raj is backed by the Mega family. The other one is led by Manchu Vishnu, who is a relation of YS Jagan. So, there is a likelihood of some people viewing this contest as a contest between the Jana Sena and the YSRCP.

It is because of this that the YSRCP wants to steer clear of the MAA elections. Sources say there is another reason for the alacrity of the YSRCP. There is a lurking fear that several industry biggies are backing Prakash Raj and they may finally join hands and ensure the defeat of Vishnu panel. They want to ensure that his defeat should not be seen as a defeat of the YSRCP. Hence the party wants to give an impression that it is completely uninterested in the election and its outcome.