Why did Rahul Gandhi's Passport Color change?

Wed May 24 2023 13:45:04 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

When we talk about passport, a document with a blue color cover. It is known that there are four kinds of passports that are issued in the country. Common people are given blue color passports, and who studied higher than 10th class will be given orange color passports. Higher authorities are given white color passports. Diplomats and key politicians are given red colour passports. It is known that a BJP leader filed a defamation case against Rahul Gandhi against Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a campaign.

The Rouse Avenue court imposing a jail term of two years for Rahul Gandhi became sensational. He was disqualified as an MP following the court verdict. Following this, he had to vacate the official residence that was allotted to him as he is an MP. On the other hand, his passport color changed as he was disqualified as an MP.

Rahul Gandhi who used to have a red color passport has to get another passport. He took a blue color passport that is issued to common people. He visited the Rouse Avenue Courts to get the no-objection certificate to apply for a new passport. Rahul Gandhi applied for a passport that is issued to common people by canceling the diplomat passport he used to head earlier.

As Rahul Gandhi visited the Rouse Avenue Courts, Congress leaders were worried as they don't know the reason behind Rahul Gandhi's visit. This is the same court that imposed a jail term for the Congress MP and this made them worried. However, they got a big relief when they knew why Rahul Gandhi visited the court. We have to say that Rahul Gandhi's passport status changed with Modi's effect.