Why did Ramoji write a letter to KTR?

Sun Jul 25 2021 08:22:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is media baron Ramoji Rao holding a white flag? Is he trying for rapprochement with the TRS government? It appears so. Otherwise, how does one understand Ramoji Rao penning a personal birthday wish note for KTR. Not just that the letter was carefully leaked to the media.

The letter is laudatory and calls KTR a worthy son that his father would be proud of. It further terms him as a dynamic leader with a rare vision for the state and the people. Ramoji wrote this letter on July 24, the birthday of KTR. Ramoji lauded KTR for his leadership qualities, conversational skills and political acumen. He also said that he was observing KTR's leadership skills and felt proud at his achievements. He also praised KTR's quick response for taking up humanitarian works.In another significant statement, he said there was no young leader like KTR in the country.

Now, why did Ramoji pen this letter? Sources say that after Revanth took over, most of the pro-TDP media went bonkers over him and gave him wide coverage. However, both KCR and KTR may have taken a serious view of this. Hence, to placate them, Ramoji must have written this letter. Eenadu watchers also claim that there is a perceptible change in Eenadu's coverage of KCR and KTR.

An interesting question is - if KTR is the best young politician in the country, what about Lokesh Babu? Why this sudden about-turn in Eenadu's attitude? Is this the real reason behind Ramoji penning a laudatory letter? Let's wait and watch.