Why did Sharmila announce Epuri Somanna as YSRTP candidate from Thungathurthi so early

Mon Sep 13 2021 17:52:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Increasingly, YS Sharmila is finding that the ground is fast slipping from under her feet. The anticipated support base has almost evaporated and most of the leaders have already left the party.  Her hopes of roping in YSR-lovers in Telagnana into her party too have proved futile.

Now she has realised that the love for her father in 2009 is different and the politics in Telangana have changed. Though there is a soft corner for YSR, it will not evolve into electoral support. Her weekly deekshas too are not paying the expected dividends. The attendance is getting increasingly thinner and the response is becoming more and more lukewarm. Given this situation, the political observers feel that Sharmila’s party is a non-starter.

Her recent YSR memorial meeting, which was called by her mother YS Vijayamma, too failed to attract any support. Only political retirees from Andhra region attended the function. It was clear that the Telangana politicians are not ready to work with her.  The last option for her is the Padayatra, which she will begin from Next month.

To ensure that those who are still in the party do not leave it, Sharmila has now begun announcing the remaining leaders as the candidates for the 2024 assembly election. Recently, she has announced the name of singer Epuri Somanna as the party candidate from Thungaturthi. This announcement was mae when the Dalit Bheri meeting was organised in Nalgonda’s Tirumalagiri.  She hopes that she will be able to keep her flock together by announcing their candidature. Let’s wait and see if this works out.