Why do Telangana Leaders Target Andhra Pradesh Repeatedly?

Fri May 13 2022 13:09:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

The very base of the Telangana movement was to show their protest and anger against the Andhra leaders. After the same feeling was inculcated in the minds of people, they actively participated in the statehood movement. Post the bifurcation, people left the Andhra-Telangana feeling aside and are living without any issues.

Though people forget about the issues and are living without any issues, the Telangana leaders are unable to let the enmity towards Andhra Pradesh and Andhra leaders. Whenever there is any chance they are not leaving any stone unturned to take a dig at Andhra Pradesh.

Even after the state was divided, the Telangana leaders did not stop attacking Andhra Pradesh. Post-2019 polls, the attack turned intense. Recently, we have seen how Telangana IT Minister KTR made fun of facilities in Andhra Pradesh like water supply and road conditions.

Days after he made fun of Andhra Pradesh, karma hit Telangana as severe rains had highlighted how bad the road conditions are in the state. Even the capital city Hyderabad could not bare the rains and as a result, the roads in the city were filled with water showing stars to people.

As another example, Telangana state roads and buildings Minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy alleged that Telangana did not fall into the trap of setting electricity motors for the farms in the state despite the Centre saying that it will benefit the farmers.

Highlighting how his state is thinking about the welfare of the farmers, the Cabinet Minister unnecessarily drew a comparison between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He said that Andhra Pradesh is setting up the meters after the Union government assured that debt will be given.

One wonders what is making the Cabinet Ministers in Telangana unnecessarily draw a comparison between the Telugu states. Instead of flaunting their government's success, they are commenting and taking a dig at Andhra Pradesh.

No one has issues with Telangana leaders making big claims about the development in their state and what good their governance is. But the issue comes when the situation of Andhra Pradesh is dragged when there is no need of doing so.