Why do US People think Joe Biden Bad Than Donald Trump?

Wed Jul 20 2022 11:29:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has the current President of the United States Joe Biden failed to impress the people in the country? Have things turned upside down for the United States President within less than years of taking the powerful position? Well, the information shared by the media reports says the same.

Joe Biden has been seeing a steady dip in his popularity as people are not happy with him on various issues. The approval ratings, which are seen as a parameter to describe a leader's popularity are not that great for Joe Biden as his ratings stand at 36 percent.

The shocking fact is that Joe Biden's ratings are even less than that of ex-President Donald Trump, who got a rating of 37 percent. Now, this is a big concern for Joe Biden and his party. Though the approval ratings are not the ultimate parameter, they are also a key factor.

The majority of the respondents of the survey said that they are not happy with Joe Biden as far as his efforts in dealing with inflation are concerned. While 51 percent think that way, around 30 people feel that Joe Biden is making the country worse.

In the Presidential polls, the public anger towards then Donald Trump worked well for Joe Biden, and the way he promised many things for the immigrants also played a big part. Joe Biden was expected to do many bright things. Though he had done a few, many things have to be addressed.

Gun violence is growing steadily and the inflation rate is also ringing dangerous bells. As other countries are also get affected if something happens to the American economy, it is more of a responsibility for Joe Biden rather than doing his duty as the United States.

His administration is accused of not dealing with the second wave of the novel Coronavirus which left a heavy toll on the health sector and the hospitals saw a flood of hospitalizations.

The major setback Joe Biden is facing is with his stand on Afghanistan. He has changed the status quo of the nation by calling back the troops. His call was the inception of the disaster and seeing that the troops are going back, the Taliban forces did the rest and captured the nation.

In the Afghanistan issue, many people drew a comparison between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Even though Donald Trump did not have a good image in the public, the Taliban forces did not make any attempt to capture Afghanistan, fearing that he might take any nasty decision. Joe Biden who projected himself as a strong leader during the campaign took a weak decision.