Why even poor people do not want 'west-facing' houses?

Wed Jun 29 2022 12:24:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a state where the CM does everything to conform to Vaastu norms, the general citizens too seem to be taking a leaf out of the CM. They too seem to be giving more importance to Vaastu than anything else. This vastu fetish now seems to be applying even to the two-bedroom apartments under the Rajiv Swagruha that the government is allocating to the poor.

The Rajiv Swagruha houses are being allotted to the beneficiaries by the pick of lots. The beneficiaries are registering themselves by paying Rs 1000. Interestingly, those who managed to get the east-facing houses are taking the offers. But, those who get west or south facing houses are not taking the houses. They are even ready to forego the Rs 1000 deposit that they have remitted.

The people are citing Vastu reasons for not accepting non-east-facing houses.  Several beneficiaries are not taking the houses citing structural defects. They claim that the houses were faulty and that they would not accept such houses. As a result, the Rajiv Swagruha authorities are said to be planning to dispose of these west or south facing houses by allotting them to the GHMC employees.

Sources say that the same situation exists in the Rajiv Swagruha complexes in Pocharam and Bandlaguda areas. In other housing complexes too, a similar situation exists. Sources say that even the GHMC employees are trying to find ways and means to avoid buying the non-east facing houses.