Why has Kanna become active again?

Mon May 24 2021 12:10:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Finally, at long last, BJP's former AP President found some reason to come into the public again. Kanna, who was politically inactive ever since he was removed from the president of the AP unit, has organised a two-hour dharna for the first-ever time on Sunday. He has also spoken to the mediapersons to criticise the YSRCP government's handling of Covid second wave.

Ever since he was relieved of the president's post, Kanna remained in the shadows. Except a handful of diehard supporters, none bothered to meet him. But, on Sunday, Kanna cracked jokes, packed power into his punches and went whole hog against the YSRCP. Not only that, he has also said that Jagan was not even holding review meetings on Corona control. He further said that the Opposition was trying to politicise Covid. Some insiders say that Kanna has become vocal again as the national party unit is now beginning to feel that Kanna was far better than  Somu Veerraju. The party had some activity or the other under Kanna and ever since Somu came, the party has been on a downslide. Some BJP watchers say that Kanna must have sensed an opportunity what with the dismal failure of Somu and has become active again.