Why is Bandi Sanjay so silent after Sagar defeat?

Sat May 15 2021 13:23:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bandi Sanjay's rise has been as meteoric as his fall. Soon after he was announced as party president, Sanjay generated lot of support and goodwill. Successive victories in Dubbak and the GHMC polls have made him a hero. He began galvanising the party and its cadre like no one did in the last two decades.

However, suddenly, his stars began falling and his graph  began plummeting. Defeats galore in the Graduate MLC elections and in Nagarjunasagar have left his victorious image completely smeared. The incident in which the BJP leaders went to thank KTR for not putting up a candidate against the BJP candidate in Lingojiguda too has left bad taste in Sanjay's mouth. Sanjay was seen as an ineffectual leader, who had no control over his party. Ever since these reversals, Bandi Sanjay has fallen silent. He has not been making statements or is not attacking the TRS bosses the way he used to do earlier.

Bandi Sanjay reportedly feels that senior leaders in the BJP are out to sabotage all his efforts He also strongly feels that at least some senior BJP leaders are hand in glove with the TRs leaders. He has also realised that some seniors have already lodged a complaint against him to the national leadership. Hence, Sanjay has decided to lie low for some time and wait for the right time to strike.