Why is Bandi Sanjay upset with N Ramachandra Rao?

Sat Apr 17 2021 16:24:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

BJP Telangana state president Bandi Sanjay is upset over the way some party leaders conducted themselves on the issue of bypoll for Lingojiguda division corporator in the GHMC. Several BJP leaders, led by former MLC N Ramachandra Rao, met KTR and Revanth Reddy and asked them not to put up candidates against BJP candidate.

They told KTR and Revanth that son of Akula Ramesh has been made the BJP candidate. Ramesh Goud won from Lingojiguda but died before even taking oath. The BJP feels that Ramesh Goud's son should win without any contest. KTR has agreed to ensure a unanimous election in Lingojiguda. However, party state president Bandi Sanjay is unhappy with this action. He felt that the BJP would anyway win the election and said there was no need to approach the TRS and the Congress Party. He said this has happened without even consulting him.  He felt that by approaching KTR and Revanth, the party has lost its prestige and goodwill. He felt that the BJP could have easily won the seat.

Meanwhile, the Congress has spelt out its stand on not putting up any candidate from Lingojiguda. If it nominates a candidate, there is bound to be an election and in that event, the stand of TRS would become critical. If it silently throws its weight behind the BJP, it would be seen as a collusion of BJP and TRS. This would give the Congress a stick to beat the BJP and the TRS.