Why is Revanth Reddy targeting KTR?

Wed Sep 22 2021 19:24:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

The battle of wits between TRS second-in-command KTR and PCC chief Revanth Reddy has been taking interesting turns.  Revanth has been going hammer and tongs against KTR ever since he took over reins of the Congress Party. He has been trying to corner KTR by levelling one allegation against the other.

Why is Revanth Reddy targeting  KTR? Sources say this is part of the well-planned strategy. Revanth knows that KTR would be the chief minister in the near future. The TRS sees him as the future chief minister. By targeting him, Revanth wants to discredit KTR and dim his chances of becoming the CM. At the same time, the KCR charisma is likely to wane by 2023. So, Revanth is trying to ensure that KTR would become considerably weak by 2023 due to the spate of allegations against him.

Reports say that Revanth has identified certain weak spots in KTR. His socialising, proximity to film industry, his farmhouse on the water channels leading to Musi river and others are being targeted.  That KTR is in a spot of bother is proved as he has stopped his Twitter interactions with the general public. KTR's tours in and around Hyderabad have also come down. Revanth wants to hit when the iron is hot.

The White Challenge is part of this strategy. KTR walked directly into Revanth's trap, when he did not take up the White Challenge. At the same time, he went to the court to get a gag order preventing Revanth from talking about him in connection with the drugs case. Though he may have gagged Revanth, KTR has definitely taken a hit on the issue of public perception.