Why is TRS suddenly attacking YSRCP?

Sun Oct 02 2022 19:35:10 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Till now, AP chief minister YS Jagan and his Telangana counterpart KCR have been on one page on almost every issue. They ensured that there was no point of conflict between the two states on any major issue. In fact, both have tried to be complementary to one another. But, this appears to be changing now ever since KCR has begun looking for a national role.

YS Jagan as of now is firmly on BJP’s side. He has taken special care not to annoy the BJP in any manner. But, for KCR, BJP is the enemy no 1. His politics will have to be anti-BJP unlike YS Jagan. Now that KCR is planning to form a national party and take on the BJP, differences are bound to crop up between the two parties, say political watchers.

Aligning with YS Jagan is important for KCR because that would mean that he would start with 42 Lok Sabha seats under his belt. But, if YS Jagan does not agree with his point of view, he would be starting with just 17 MP seats. His clout would be utterly diminished, say political watchers. Hence, the TRS is trying to build pressure on the YSRCP by launching a scathing attack on YS Jagan.

In fact, no less a person than Harish Rao himself has launched an attack on YS Jagan. Similarly, ministers Gangula Kamalakar Rao and Prashant Reddy too are attacking the YSRCP. It remains to be seen how YS Jagan will react to these attacks. Will KCR put up candidates against YS Jagan in the 2024 elections to wreak vengeance? Let’s wait and see how things unfold.