Why is YSRCP happy with Manchu Vishnu panel's victory?

Mon Oct 11 2021 17:30:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

The resounding victory of the Manchu Vishnu panel in the prestigious MAA elections has left both the TDP and the Mega families stunned. The YSRCP is visibly happy. Though the YSRCP officially dissociated itself with the MAA elections saying that the party has no interest whatsoever, it was well-known that pro-YSRCP leaders like Pruthvi were fighting on the Manchu Vishnu panel. Also, Vishnu himself is a close relative of YS Jagan.

The YSRCP is happy that more than Prakash Raj, it is the defeat of Mega family which backed him. The YSRCP is upset at the recent vituperative comments of Jana Sena chief and actor Pawan Kalyan against the Jagan government on online ticketing. The YSRCP wanted to prove that Pawan Kalyan and the Mega family have no influence on the film industry. By defeating Prakash Raj and most of his panel members, the YSRCP has scored a key point.

The YSRCP is also happy that Manchu Vishnu will be part of any film industry delegation. Thus there will be pro-Jagan elements in any film delegation. Secondly, the anti-YSRCP lobby in the film industry would be shown its place. Hence the YSRCP is happy at the victory of Vishnu Manchu.
The YSRCP social media activists are posting memes and are congratulating the members of the Manchu panel. In most of the posts, the pic of Jagan and Manchu family together is being attached.Similarly, photos of Manchu Vishnu and Jagan are also doing rounds.