Why is YSRCP so worried about Badvel?

Thu Oct 28 2021 11:19:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

The campaign for the bypoll in Badvel ended on Wednesday evening. The mikes fell silent. The polling would now be held on October 30. The bypoll became necessary due to the sudden demise of YSRCP MLA Venkata Subbaiah. His wife Dasari Sudha is the YSRCP candidate. With TDP and Jana Sena opting out of the contest, it-s a cake walk for the YSRCP.

Yet, the YSRCP has deployed all its resources in Badvel. As many as nine ministers, 10 MPs and all the MLAs in Kadapa have been pressed into service for the Badvel bypoll. Why is the ruling YSRCP turning this bypoll into a full-scale war? After all, the opponent is the BJP, which barely got around 700 votes in the 2019 elections!!

Sources say that the YSRCP is worried about the possibility of a new political alignment in Badvel. It is worried that the TDP, which officially is not contesting the election, has thrown its lot behind the BJP. In most villages, the TDP workers and even leaders are openly campaigning for the BJP. The Jana Sena too is backing the BJP. If the BJP performs better than expectations, then this could lead to a new alliance for 2024, feels the YSRCP. Hence, the YSRCP top leadership wants to score a thumping victory and snuff out the possibility of the formation of a new alliance. It is because of this that it has marshaled all its resources in Badvel.