Why is YSRCP supporting the anti-BJP Bharat Bandh?

Sun Sep 26 2021 16:38:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Showing its independent streak, the ruling YSRCP has decided to take part in the nation-wide bandh slated for September 27 against the BJP-led NDA government  While the Telangana government is ambivalent, the YSRCP in AP has openly said that it would participate in the bandh to oppose Central Government’s policies.

Minister Perni Nani has said that the state government would not only support the strike, but also would ensure that the RTC buses would stay off the roads during the bandh period. He also said that the YSRCP would support the bandh as it was opposed to the privatisation of the Vizag steel plant.

YS Jagan opposing the BJP government is being seen as an interesting development as his MPs have backed the farm laws inside the parliament. But, now Jagan has even cancelled his Delhi tour. These developments only indicate that Jagan is planning to adopt a tough attitude towards the Central government in the days to come.

The notable point is the YS Jagan-led YSRCP has in the past too has supported the bandh against the farm laws. This shows that the YSRCP is slowly trying to distance itself and is trying to consolidate itself in the state. It realises that if it did not support the farmers and the VSP, it would be seen as hand-in-glove with the BJP. It wants to ensure that this space is not occupied by the TDP. So, the party has decided to support the bandh to deny the TDP the anti-BJP space.