Why is no one commenting on YS Sharmila?

Mon Jul 19 2021 17:02:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Every politician wants to be in currency. He or she wants to be in the news. The sensational comments, protest programmes, press conferences are all intended to remain in the news somehow or the other. However, in Sharmila’s case, all her attempts to stay in the headlines are ending up as duds. The rival politicians are not even taking note of her.

She has been making strong comments against both TRS, BJP and the Congress Party. Sometimes, she is even going overboard while commenting. While referring to KTR, she had even made sexist comments. Despite all these comments, no one seems to be unduly bothered about her. They are not even taking cognisance of her.

There is a reason for this. Till now , she has not attracted even a single top leader. Not even sitting sarpanches have bothered to join her. To this, she has said that she will create new leaders all by herself. But, taking Raghava Reddy from the YSRCP and Indira Shobhan from the Congress shows that she badly needs leaders.

So, the key leaders from important political parties have chosen not to attach any importance to Sharmila and her party, Hence, they are not even bothering to react to her comments. Political analysts feel that her attitude and imperious behaviour are putting off many people who see some future for the party. A large numbers of netizens are circulating memes making fun of her statements and actions. If the same trend continues, her party would end up as a non-starter, say analysts.