Why Is This TDP Biggie Keeping A Low Profile?

Mon Aug 10 2020 13:17:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

Where is Prattipati Pulla Rao? During the TDP rule, he was one of the most powerful politician and was everywhere. He was at his belligerent best in the assembly and in the CRDA region. He took on the YSRCP at every step of the way. But, these days, he is not to be seen anywhere.

He has not been seen in the party programmes. Except an occasional  press meet, he is almost confined to his home. He is worried that the present YSRCP government is after all the corruption scams of the TDP regime. Finding that the likes of Atchen Naidu are already spending time in the prison, he is said to be keeping a low profile. He is now said to be using back channels to ensure that there are no cases against him.

Pulla Rao's son is also embroiled in several cases of financial misdemeanors. Already some cases have been filed against him.Pulla Rao is said to be worried about this too. All these have kept him confined to home.