Why netizens are slamming TRS working president KTR?

Mon Nov 21 2022 12:03:10 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Has TRS working president KTR's image as a net-savvy, responsive, action-oriented leader taking a beating? KTR is known to be quite active on social media and has been known to respond quickly to the issues raised by the netizens. Of late, netizens are slamming KTR for not responding to their complaints.

Whenever there is a complaint, the Twitter handle of KTR is going silent leaving the complainants befuddled. This non-response is making people believe that most of his Twitter responses and instructions to the officials are stage-managed and well-choreographed. The people are now questioning why KTR is silent on these civic issues.

On Sunday, when KTR tweeted about the activities of the T Hub, the netizens questioned him over inaction and lack of response to issues pertaining to overflowing drains, bad roads, bad internal roads and unsolved issues of VROs. The netizens also pointed out that the T Hub was not a TRS creation but was founded by Chandrababu Naidu himself.

The netizens pointed out that KTR is responding to just one or two tweets while thousands of them are piling up unanswered. This dissidence is hitting the overall image of KTR as a responsive social media savvy politician, who answers Twitter queries and solves their issues.