Millennials Feel Discontented With Democratic Performance: A Study

Tue Oct 20 2020 20:10:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

A study conducted by the famous University of Cambridge has found that Millennials or Generation Y in Europe, North America, Africa, and Australia are dissatisfied with the democracy

Compared to Generation X or Baby Boomers and the Interwar Generation, the Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996 across the world are dissatisfied with the performance of democracy and they feel discontented from democracy.

The study has found out that the  youth in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, France, Australia, and the United Kingdom are not in favour of democracy,

On the other hand, the youth in nations like Germany, South Korea, and Eastern Europe said they are more dissatisfied with democratic performance.

The other infamous incidents like the killing of African American hip-hop artist George Floyd and the vandalization of statues during the protests might have resulted in the youth losing faith in democracy, the study said.

To compile the study, the researchers have studied the opinions of over 4.8 million respondents across 160 nations. The respondents were born between 1973 and 2020.

Compared to 1990, the percentage of Youth that is satisfied with democracy has come down to 48 percent in the Millennials.