Why Was This Homam Performed In The Midnight?

Wed Jul 08 2020 12:22:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Now, it is clear as daylight that the old and historic secretariat complex would soon be a thing of past. The demolition has already begun. Within a few days the whole structure would be reduced  to rubble.

But, a lot of secret drama went on hours before the actual demolition began. The TRS government kept the demolition a top secret. Only a handful of the officials were kept the  loop. They met silently at a place to decide on the demolition and necessary orders were issued only to very few people.  More importantly, the KCR government conducted a secret homam in a temple very close to the place of demolition. The temple is quite close to the CM's chamber. This homam was done in the dead of the night and only a handful of the officers were present.

Most importantly, KCR has decided that the demolition should begin in the pre-dawn hour so that by the time news media flashes the news, at least a half of the first building would have been demolished. By the time the opposition gathers itself for the protest, the building would be gone. Such was the planning of KCR that there was not a murmur about it and the building was gone before anyone realised.