Why were there no protests over Eatala's suspension, Amit Shah asks BJP leaders

Sun Sep 18 2022 18:08:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

BJP's big boss and Union Home Minister Amit Shah made a whirlwind tour of the Telagnana state on Friday and Saturday. While his schedule was jam packed with programmes, he still managed to take out time and had a key and crucial meeting with the party leaders. Highly placed sources say that while he expressed happiness at the slew of programmes that the party is undertaking in the state, he reportedly felt that the works needed to be speeded up further.

He reportedly expressed his unhappiness at the party's leaders and cadre for not holding protests and staging agitations over the suspension of Eatala Rajender from the state assembly. He said the leaders should have staged protests across the state and should have highlighted the dictatorial tendencies of KCR and the TRS.

He is reported to have told Bandi Sanjay that he needed to be more proactive. He reportedly chided the BJP leaders for letting go Eatala's suspension without any street protest. He said that the party should ensure that it should respond quickly and organise protests spontaneously whenever such injustices happen.

He is also said to have instructed the party workers to focus on Munugode. He told the party leaders that a victory in Munugode would be a turning point in the political history of the state. He said Munugode victory will trigger a slew of developments which would help in dislodging the TRS from power.