Will AP Govt Answer Unanswered Questions on School Mergers?

Thu Jul 07 2022 13:10:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Andhra Pradesh government is not having a good time with its decisions related to the education system. Earlier, the government was under fire for introducing the English medium as the medium of instruction. Yet again, the sarkar is experiencing a lot of difficulties with its new decision.

It is known that the state government had signed a Memorandum of understanding with the online edtech company BYJU’S so that the students will get guidance from the experts. The facilities were revamped and the students were given tabs to facilitate their education.

As another big thing, the state government had merged many schools which made the teachers and the parents of the students hit the roads against the decision. Keeping up the fight, a few petitions were filed in the Andhra Pradesh government against the GO 117 introduced by the state government.

After hearing the arguments of the petitions, the Andhra Pradesh High Court made some sensational observations. Finding fault with the decisions taken by the state government, the High Court said that the developments that happened under the name of the educational reforms violated the Right to Education.

Rapping the government for merging the schools which made the schools move out of the reach of the students, the High Court said that students studying in primary schools traveling more than 3-5 km is nothing but a violation of the Right to Education Act.

The Court also asked the government to give clarification on the issues raised by the petitioners and granted two days for the same. Now the petitioners are hoping that with the Court observations, the Andhra Pradesh government might address the issues they have been raising for the past few days.

The petitioners want clarity from the government on which medium of instruction will be there for students of classes 1-8. Will it be Telugu or English, they want assurance on this.

The parents of students are also expecting clarity from the government on whether students in classes 9 and 10 will be allowed to choose between English or Telugu or will there be any compulsion to go for the English medium.