Will Atchen Naidu Be Arrested Soon?

Wed Sep 18 2019 22:48:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Will TDP deputy floor leader and motor mouth K Atchen Naidu be arrested on Thursday? Highly likely, say those in the know. Ever since Atchen Naidu abused the police on duty at Chandrababu's Lingamaneni asset on the day when the TDP tried to take out its Chalo Atmakur rally, the sword has been hanging over Atchen Naidu's head. He already has another case pending in Tekkali police station. So, there is every likelihood that Atchen would be taken into custody.

Meanwhile, Atchen Naidu is speeding up the legal process to secure an anticipatory bail.  This only shows his desperation to avoid being arrested. YSRCP sources say that the YS Jagan Government was carefully watching the fallout of Kodela Sivaprasad's suicide. In the event of there being no violence, the Government could speed up the process of arresting Atchen Naidu.

Atchen, who has been an inveterate critic of YS Jagan, is one of the strongest leaders from the North Coastal Andhra. His arrest could mean that the YSRCP  will not have any credible opponent in the north coastal Andhra.