Will BJP Allow Jana Sena To Contest From Tirupati?

Wed Dec 09 2020 09:28:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has the BJP given up its plans to contest the Tirupati bypolls? It appears so as the BJP, which made lot of noises and had even held several preparatory meetings, has now suddenly fallen silent. The party leaders are no longer talking about contesting the elections.

BJP insiders say that the party has slowed down a bit as its friendly party the Jana Sena has said that it wants to contest the bypoll. The party is enthusiastic about fighting from Tirupati and put up its candidate. It also discussed the issue with the top leadership of the BJP in Delhi. The Jana Sena wants the BJP to support it in return for the Jana Sena support to the BjP in the GHMC polls.

In fact, the Jana Sena wanted some seats as part of the alliance in the GHMC polls, But the BJP leadership has managed to convince the Jana Sena not to contest, but to extend support to it. The BJP leaders held discussions with Pawan Kalyan and made him issue a statement extending support to the saffron candidates. As a result, the Jana Sena cadre threw their lot with the BJP. Now, the Jana Sena wants the BJP to reciprocate in Tirupati.

The BJP is also ready to take a backseat as It could not even secure the security deposit in Tirupati LS elections in 2019. Meanwhile, the Jana Sena chief has already undertaken a tour of Tirupati to mobilize support for the party candidate.