Will BJP to a Dubbak in Huzurabad?

Wed Oct 13 2021 18:59:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is now emerging that the Centre government is going to do a Dubbak in Huzurabad. It will deploy central forces, sent central observers to ensure that the TRS would not be able to use the official machinery to its advantage. During the Dubbak election, the BJP got the SP transferred and a new officer appointed so that the remaining administration acts neutrally. A similar thing could happen in Huzurabad too, according to sources.

Alread over 1900 central forces have been deployed in Huzurabad. Additional forces could be deployed in Huzurabad. Similarly, drone cameras are being deployed to keep track of the situation. Also, 406 CC cameras have been already installed.

In Dubbak too, the BJP ensured that the TRS would not be able to misuse the government machinery. As a result, the BJP got a level-playing field and could win by a wafer-thin margin. The BJP government at the Centre wants to enable Eatala Rajender have the same kind of advantage.

Interestingly, Rs. 1.27 crore have been recovered in the last 12 day. Similarly, 75 weapons were also recovered. As many as 33 cases have been booked. Also, two cyber crime teams are working to contain fake news. There are three major candidates in the fray. They are Eatala Rajender of the BJP, Balmuri Venkat of the Congress and Gellu Srinivas of the TRS.