Will BRS have any role in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Himacha polls?

Thu Oct 06 2022 12:14:02 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The road to national politics appears to be quite thorny for KCR. Though he has renamed his party as Bharat Rashtriya Samiti, the game has only begun and KCR seems to be facing many challenges. The biggest confusion is about what strategy KCR will adopt at the national level. There seems to be an utter lack of clarity on this issue.

KCR has announced that he would focus on Maharashtra first. But there are no elections in Maharashtra in at least three years.  He said he would contest in the Karnataka assembly elections. But that would be after May in 2023. What about Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat, which will go to polls in December this year? How can he ignore these two states and worry about Karnataka elections which are far away.

Interestingly, No representatives from either Gujarat or Himachal or Maharashtra have attended KCR's event. The only leader of worth who attended the meeting was Karnataka's Kumaraswamy. However, he has categorically said that his party JDS and BRS will work together. This means he is not going to merge his party into the BRS. So, it would be an alliance and nothing more than that in Karnataka.

Meanwhile, surveys in Gujarat and Himachal show that the BJP is quite strongly placed and that it can win both the states quite comfortably. Even AAP, which is making a strong bid in both the states, is not going to make a mark. The BRS has no place in these two states. This only means that the only big fight for the BRS is when Telangana goes to polls. What if TRS/BRS loses in Telangana assembly elections?

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