Will Badvel fulfil Jagan's dream of bulldozer majority?

Mon Oct 04 2021 19:09:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Now it is almost clear that the YSRCP has a virtual walkover in Badvel assembly constituency bypoll. With the TDP and Jana Sena opting out of the elections, the election is a mere formality. The BJP till now is set to be in the fray. Even if fight, there is little doubt about the outcome. The BJP got less than a thousand votes the last time it contested from Badvel, and that was much less than NOTA.

But will Badvel be able to give what Jagan could not get in Tirupati bypoll? That's the big question in the political circles these days. In the Tirupati bypolls, he wanted the party to win by over three lakh votes. Though the YSRCP tried every trick in the trade, it could not get that majority. It did win handsomely, but definitely the scale of victory was not up to Jagan's expectations.

In Badvel too, Jagan reportedly fixed a victory margin target of over one lakh votes. In 2014, the YSRCP had won this seat by 9000 votes. In 2019, it won by a staggering 44000 votes. Now, Jagan wants the YSRCP to win by over one lakh votes as the party is in power and there is no opposition worth the name in Badvel.

What more, Badvel is from his home district of Kadapa and he wants a befitting majority for the party candidate. It remains to be seen whether the party would fulfil Jagan's desire of an absolute victory with over a lakh votes. As of now, only BJP has said that it would put up its candidate. Let's see how things pan out.