Will Chandrababu's 3-day visit save Kuppam from falling into YSRCP kitty?

Mon Oct 11 2021 17:02:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Former CM and TDP boss Chandrababu Naidu is now on a three-day visit to Kuppam. This is his home constituency and he has won a record seven times. But since 2019, his party, the TDP, has been on a downward spiral. Chandrababu had to face jittery moments for sometime as he trailed to a relatively unknown candidate. He did won in the final count, with a vastly reduced majority.

Soon after the assembly elections, Chandrababu paid a three-day visit to Kuppam. Instead of improving, the party’s fortunes further dipped . The party fared very poorly in the panchayat elections. The party could win only 14 of the 89 panchayats. The remaining went to the YSRCP. The MPTC elections results were even more stunning. In two of the three mandals, the YSRCP could win one MPTC only. In another mandal, the YSRCP swept the whole mandal.

Several key TDP leaders at the grassroots level have already joined the YSRCP. They are luring the voters towards the ruling party. There have been complaints from the remaining TDP leaders that occasional visits may not work. Some even suggested that both Chandrababu and Lokesh should pay more attention and frequently visit Kuppam.

After this devastating defeat, Chandrababu is on a three-day visit to Kuppam again. He will be covering all the mandals of the constituency. This is being seen as a damage control measure. Let’s wait and see if Chandrababu’s visit will help in preventing the free fall.