Will Chandrababu Ditch Panabaka Lakshmi?

Thu Nov 19 2020 11:30:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Will TDP ditch and dupe its own candidate in Tirupati bypoll? After rnhaving roped in heavyweight politician and former union minister rnPanabaka Lakshmi as its candidate, the TDP is now trying to enter into rnsome kind of alliance with the Jana Sena and the BJP. This only means rnthat the TDP will leave its candidate in the lurch.

Even as the rnBJP, which is buoyed up by the recent success in Telangana's Dubbak, is rntrying to go it alone in Tirupati bypoll too. It feels that that would rnhelp it to grow organisationally. It wants the Jana Sena to support it. rnChandrababu Naidu however has different ideas. He is said to be holding rnsecret parleys with the BJP and Jana Sena leaders over putting up a rnjoint fight. According to his plan, the TDP will extend support to the rnBJP. With TDP and Jana Sena support, the BJP would be able to defeat thern YSRCP, he feels.

This only means that he is ditching his own rnparty candidate Panabaka Lakshmi. She has recently left the Congress andrn joined the TDP. She has been keeping a low profile of late. But rnChandrababu has made her the candidate from Tirupati and she has alreadyrn begun her campaign. Now it appears certain that he would deceive her rnand back the BJP. But, will the BJP take the bite?